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University of Nottingham Malaysia graduates in high demand by Fortune 500 companies


The University of Nottingham Malaysia was the first campus of British university in Malaysia, serves global community and set to further enrich on-campus diversity

KUCHING (May 27): Graduates of the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) are in high demand globally for their well-developed interpersonal and technical skills.

This is an outcome of the world-class education and industry engagement offered at all three campuses in the UK, Malaysia and China.

According to Professor Ir Dr Law Chung Lim, Interim Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at UNM, one of the main reasons students pick UNM is because of the wide range of teaching and learning facilities available on the 125-acre campus just 45 minutes south of Kuala Lumpur.

“We offer our students the opportunity to work one-on-one with the latest machines, equipment and technology during their lab sessions, compared to many universities which require students to share because of the lack of space or availability of these tools. It’s important for our science and engineering students to develop their proficiency and this is what our industry partners look out for ,“ Professor Law explained.

“Besides that, we also work with leading employers so that students can appreciate the real-life experience through internships and this provides them the edge to secure employment in leading organisations globally,” he said.

Professor Law Chung Lim, Interim Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Professor Law added UNM graduates receive career guidance and support from the specialised Careers Advisory Service office to enhance the employment opportunities of UNM graduates. UNM graduates are hired through careers fairs, employer recruitment talks, on-campus interviews, sector-focused careers events, and resume collection for employers.

“For on-campus interviews, employers conduct face-to-face interviews on campus, and in some instances, our students have been offered the job on the same day,” Professor Law added.

UNM is committed to continuing its investment to ensure all the facilities on campus are of an international standard because the residential experience is what differentiates it from other universities. Besides teaching and learning, campus life and activities are equally important to ensure students develop their interpersonal skills.

“The use of digital technology is seen to be increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic and we always ensure that the learning process of students can continue no matter where they are. In this regard, the university throughout 2020 to 2021 has made an investment of RM5 million in campus facilities, covering various advanced technological facilities including virtual desktop infrastructure.

“The investment also involves high-performance computing, lecture room facilities, 3G pitch playgrounds and food processing laboratories.”

The University of Nottingham Malaysia offers range of laboratories for research and learning facilities with expertise in every field.

Law added that the university had also provided an interactive approach to deliver high quality teaching and learning either on campus or virtually.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering which houses our engineering disciplines are student-centred, with its students equally involved in decision-making covering various aspects related to extra-curricular and learning activities.

According to Professor Law, there are many groups of students who collaborate with external professional bodies through the respective student chapters where they strengthen the agenda of student groups, organise programmes and involve external experts for talks and workshops.

“These, in turn, enable students here to acquire competencies and skills in building communities and networks, professional development, extra-curricular experiences, leadership and friendships,” he said.

The university also provides a world-class education through international learning experiences such as the opportunity to go on exchange or transfer to the UK campus. This is a popular option with many students and they can also choose from a range of other top universities through our Universitas21 network.

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