Saturday, October 1

Bandar Kuching MP: Resolve slow service for passport renewal, application


Yii (right) speaks to an applicant waiting at the Kuching Immigration Department.

KUCHING (June 3): Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii urges the Home Ministry and Immigration Department to take immediate remedial action to resolve slow service for application and renewal of passports here.

In a media statement, Yii said with the reopening of borders, many are anxious to travel and need to apply or renew passports.

“Therefore, the department must step up their service and do what is necessary to smoothen the process and reduce waiting time for applicants,” he said.

During a visit to better understand complaints received and suggestions to improve the situation on the ground today, Yii said he was informed by officials of manpower shortage as many staff had returned to hometowns for the festive holiday.

“In response to our feedback, they have assured they will open more service counters after Gawai Dayak holiday to ease the queues,” he added.

Yii said that though the Immigration Department has advised the public to put in applications online, there was no special lane so they end up joining the common queue.

“I would like to suggest that the Kuching Immigration Department open a lane for those who have updates online to get their passports quicker,” he said, adding that he would continue monitoring and offering feedback.