Saturday, August 13

Road leading to Nabawan school to be completed soon


Arthur (third from left) presenting the award to the representatives from ZBN Ground Holdings Sdn Bhd.

KOTA KINABALU (June 9): Deputy Works Minister Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup said that the road leading to SK Pangaraan in Nabawan, Keningau will be completed in one to two days.

Arthur  told reporters that he had been given the assurance from the district office responsible for the area that work on the road leading to the school from Keningau was ongoing and it was nearly done with only two to three kilometers left to go.

“On the 15th, I shall be going there to see (the situation)…the road is now passable,” he said during a press conference after launching a seminar on contractors registration and the handing over of special awards for contractors and manufacturers for the year 2021 on Thursday.

He explained that the area underwent extraordinary flooding several months ago, which rendered the road to SK Pangaraan impassable.

The extraordinary flood also destroyed five bridges leading to the school, he said.

Arthur mentioned that a special fund to repair the road and the five bridges had been approved by the Federal government and all the works were ongoing.

He also explained the incidence of children at Kampung Nangkawangan, also in Nabawan, who used bamboo raft or zipline harness to cross the river.

“I was there before the video (of the children) was made viral … the area also experienced extraordinary flooding. I also saw the zipline but I was told that this was used to send goods across the river.

“The kids may have started to play with the cable,” said Arthur who is also Pensiangan Member of Parliament.

During the interview, Arthur also mentioned the 1A Pan Borneo highway project which contained 19 packages altogether for Sabah.

He said that priority will be given to local contractors to carry out government projects such as the Pan Borneo highway.

Nevertheless, he stressed that the contractors must be qualified to carry out the project as it was for the people.

When asked when the project will be implemented, he said that the meeting was still in progress.

He also provided the same answer when asked if the tender has been awarded to any contractor.

In his speech, Arthur shared his optimism towards the shifting of Indonesia’s capital to Nusantara, Kalimantan.

“I see the development prospects in Sabah and Sarawak will become vigorous in the middle and long term following the shift of Indonesia’s capital to Nusantara, Kalimantan.

“In line with the needs of the industry in the future, I hope contractors are always sensitive and ready to adapt to the latest technology in the construction industry,” he said.

He said that contractors must increase the use of technology in the construction industry, in line with the changing times.

“Among the examples of construction technology applications are Building Information Modelling (BIM), Industrial Building System technology, 3D printer, drone and the Internet of Things (IOT),” he said.

He also called on contractors who were present to register for courses offered by CIDB Malaysia which brings the knowledge in the latest technologies in the construction industry.

The award recipients were ZBN Ground Holdings Sdn Bhd which won the special award for excellent contractor  for Sabah, Zafran Enterprise which won the Sabah Excellent Contractor special award (MCORE), Menang Tinggi Sdn Bhd which won the Sabah QLASSIC special award, Grand Dynamic Builders Sdn Bhd which won Sabah’s SHASSIC award, Leppo Concrete Sdn Bhd for winning Sabah’s RMC award, and KTI Sdn Bhd for winning the Sabah IBS Score housing category’s Contractor award.