CLEADOC signs MOU with Neogenix to launch Malaysia’s first virtual PCR test


CLEADOC, a homegrown medical technology start-up has signed a MOU with Neogenix, to introduce a more secured and end-to-end manner of testing – a first of its kind, V-PCR test.

KUCHING: CLEADOC, a homegrown medical technology start-up has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Neogenix, to introduce a more secured and end-to-end manner of testing – a first of its kind, Virtual PCR (V-PCR) test.

With the launch of the V-PCR test, CLEADOC users can conduct gold standard Covid-19 testing (highest test accuracy) from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Users will need to register on the CLEADOC app to purchase their slot for V-PCR from 9am to 9pm daily.

Upon confirmation, the dedicated rider with cold-chain facility will deliver the V-PCR test kit to the user’s designated location based on their preferred time slot.

Upon receiving the PCR kit, users can immediately perform their covid test using CLEADOC App while the rider waits for the returned sample collection to be delivered directly to our lab partner – Neogenix for lab analysis.

Within 24 hours, users will receive the official test report from CLEADOC’s lab partner in the CLEADOC app. The V-PCR test kit is specially dedicated for users with built-in features to uphold the accuracy and integrity of the test.

Because PCR is a time and temperature sensitive test, CLEADOC has tailored a mechanism to integrate in-app interface with the physical sampling process seamlessly, thus ensuring timely and regulated delivery of samples to the laboratory.

A test can only be initiated by scanning the activation QR code that is unique to every user allowing the system to meticulously identify and match the identity of the user performing the test with the CLEADOC database.

Aside from providing convenient access to health screenings, CLEADOC app can also track real-time movement of cold chain transport while carrying the sample.

For now, V-PCR service is currently limited to the Klang Valley area. Moving forward, however, CLEADOC will be extended to cities nationwide starting third quarter of 2022.

“We created CLEADOC in response to the inconvenience and high costs of physical covid screening during the pandemic,” CLEADOC co-founder and chief executive officer Dr Chan Hai Feng said.

“With the country already in an endemic phase, the need for rapid testing has also grown.

“As people are still unable to access Covid-19 testing as quickly as they need, we believe that our new V-PCR Virtual PCR Test Kit is necessary to give people a higher reassurance to go about their daily lives.

“This is set to decentralise and democratise testing, ensuring confidence in the home-testing process, and ultimately decreasing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

CLEADOC co-founder and chief medical officer Dr Chok Jun Hoong said that when one family member is tested positive with a rapid test kit, a degree of uncertainties will rise due to the test’s inconsistencies.

“This leads to worries and inconvenience especially when elders and infants are involved. In this case, the PCR test is the Gold Standard that will ease doubt,” Chok added.

“CLEADOC has designed a flow for users to get their V-PCR test done in the comfort of their homes.This allows users to skip lengthy queues at clinics, eliminating possibilities of cross infection.”

Dr. Sam Kuan of Neogenix highlighted that they are glad to join hands with CLEADOC and bring this innovative solution into homes across the Klang Valley for now.

“Through this initiative, we will be able to maintain the integrity of the testing process, and get closer to people who need it the most,” Kuan said.

CLEADOC is the first telemedicine platform that provides a seamless, convenient and affordable virtual Covid-19 screening, verified and authenticated by medically qualified doctors.

By saving users and medical personnel from having unnecessary physical contact, CLEADOC reduces the risk of infection while reducing the time taken for a successful Covid-19 screening.