Friday, July 1

Set up special investigation team to deal with job scam cases, Sibu MP tells govt


Oscar Ling

SIBU (June 21): Sibu MP Oscar Ling has called on the government to set up a special joint investigation team to deal with job scam cases which are on the rise in recent years.

“Since most of the cases involved Cambodia, then the Malaysian Foreign Ministry should set up a special joint investigation team with the Cambodia side to fight and eliminate such a menace that is bringing problems to the country,” Ling said in a press statement.

He said such matter warrants urgent attention from the government as many of such cases reported by the victim’s families remain unsolved and the outcome unknown.

“Job scam is nothing new but the government’s action against these syndicates seems to get nowhere as indicated by the number of cases that continue to spiral.

“We need to put a stop to all these and for that to materialise, the government and the Foreign Ministry need to play an important role in looking into these woes,” he added.

Ling also reminded the public to be alert at all times and avoid getting deceived by high-paying job scams offered in the neighbouring countries.

He lamented that the public, especially the youths continue to fall prey to the job scams although many cases have been reported.

“Do not fall into the trap and end up becoming the victims of these job scams that promise lucrative salaries and rewards. Nothing is free in this world and you just have to work and earn your salary,” he said.

Ling said the victims thought they could get a highly paid job in foreign countries but when they are taken abroad by the syndicate, they are usually locked up, their passports are confiscated and get beaten if the victims failed to perform to satisfaction.

“Instead of doing a decent work, the victims are forced to do fraudulent and illegal work like running the Macau scam. Worst still, these syndicate could be involved in human trafficking.

“Once they were taken to the foreign country, they will realise that they have been cheated and there would be no escape for them.

“If they want to go home later, they will be told to contact their family members to pay a certain amount of ransom before being released.”