Kuching’s Raintree Restaurant bags two gold medals in Next Big Chef 2022


Next Big Chef 2022 winners Alexander and Gabirer holding their gold medals.

KUCHING (June 23) : The Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) continues to celebrate their success after their junior chefs bagged two gold medals from The Next Big Chef (NBC) 2022 competition, hosted at the USCI University Sarawak from May 21-22.

The NBC cooking competition is an annual event organized by the Kuching Chefs Association (KCA) and co-organized by the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management (FHTM), USCI University Sarawak campus.

The highlight of this event was to promote the development of culinary talent in Sarawak.

The cooking competition was divided into three main categories – Poultry, Meat, and Seafood where both Alexander Munan and Gabirer Tito won gold medals from the hot cooking individual challenge in the Seafood category respectively.

Alexander presented a Poach Baked Cod Fish with Spinach Herb on Top, served with Char Butter Corn and Asian Spices Seafood Veloute Sauce while Gabriel presented Confit Salmon served with Cauliflower Pickle, Cauliflower Spinach Puree and Maltaise Sauce in which they were required to prepare and present their dish within 45 minutes during the competition.

Alexander, who has four years of experience in the culinary field said that his inspiration for the competition was to incorporate Asian spices into Western cuisine and modernize fine food plating, as well as to enhance Garde Manger Art in every fine dining fusion.

Meanwhile, Gabirer, who has been in the culinary field for over 11 years stated that his inspiration was to modernize fine food plating from the classic French based cuisine.

Selected winners for the respective categories will be sponsored by KCA to show off their talent in the up-and-coming Battle of The Chefs competition which will be held from August 5-7 this year in Penang.

“The Next Big Chef 2022 was a great opportunity for our chefs to build and showcase their culinary skills and gain invaluable experience. Their wins will encourage more creativity among our culinary team as we look forward to taking part in more culinary competitions.

“We at BCCK strive constantly to maintain and exceed our client’s expectations, and to come up with such phenomenal results from our team is a testament to this.” said BCCK Executive Chef Tawfeeq Seow.

BCCK Chief Executive Officer Eric Van Piggelen looks forward to seeing their performance in the Battle of The Chef in Penang after the duo surpassed their expectations by upping the game themselves.