The University’s Computing Science Programme is now accepting applications for the September 2022 intake

We are on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) that will usher in transformation.

Innovative technologies promise to disrupt everything from banking to manufacturing to healthcare, but they will also disrupt the job landscape of tomorrow with the emergence of future jobs.

Future jobs will require skilled talent since there will be more data to manage and new software and technologies to create and adopt.

Computer scientists and software engineers are at the forefront of the current digital revolution. They drive the latest developments in fields such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, bioinformatics, healthcare, and data informatics, among others.

#BeFutureMade: Purpose-driven Talent

To fulfil technology’s highest calling, we need to develop purpose-driven talent as these talents must be ready to embrace IR4.0 equipped with technological, social, interpersonal as well as higher cognitive skills.

Associate Professor Dr Ian Tan

Associate Professor Dr Ian Tan, Head of School for Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, said, “Taking the lead, Heriot-Watt University offers quality UK education to students through its world-class programmes that are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of real-world businesses and industries.”

Heriot-Watt University is the first in Edinburgh, Scotland to offer its world-class programme, BSc in Computer Science degree, accredited by the British Computer Society. The UK University’s world-class programmes ensure an inclusive and career-relevant education that fosters purpose-driven leaders through its unique approach to positive education.

HWUM First Year Student Sandhya N. Sathesh shared her views on the University’s quality education, “Through the University’s positive education approach via the EmPOWER programme, I was able to articulate my purpose and was able to pick up on transferrable skills that will be important for my future.”

Positive education at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia emphasises three key components of holistic education: academic excellence, mental and physical health, as well as character development. Find out more on the EmPOWER programme.

“Students are equipped with the necessary practical skills in the first year, which is followed by a strong theoretical foundation in the second year, and then streaming into Data Science or Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the final year,” continues Associate Professor Dr. Tan.

“In addition to the industrial training, students will be invited to work on a 3-month summer project, have the opportunity to complete a year-long global group project, and are required to complete a year-long individual final year project,” he added.

With the strong support of the University’s academic staff and their expansive research expertise, students can gain both theoretical underpinnings and hands-on experience.

Exceptional Career Opportunities

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia’s Computing Science graduates are highly employable and sought after by top global employers, with over 80 per cent in graduate-level jobs or further study within six months of graduation. From software developers to data analysts to machine learning/AI engineers, the University’s Computing Science graduates are well-prepared for a wide range of technical jobs. They can also pursue other career paths, such as teaching or research, project management, and IT consulting.

Go-Global Inter-campus Transfer Programme

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia’s purpose-built green campus in Putrajaya offers the same benefits of studying abroad to all students, especially those in the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, it has global campuses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Edinburgh, Scotland.

For Malaysian students who wish to study abroad and experience different cultures, they can enrol in the Heriot-Watt University’s Go Global inter-campus transfer programme for a semester or a year in these cosmopolitan cities and enjoy an exclusive discount on tuition fees.

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Heriot-Watt University Malaysia offers a three-year BSc (Hons) in Computing Science programme which includes:

◦ Software Programming ◦ Hardware-Software Interface ◦ Data Structures and Algorithms ◦ Computer Networks ◦ Database Management Systems ◦ Artificial Intelligence ◦ Big Data Management

Scholarships and financial assistance are available to qualified students.

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