Proposed headmasters list for central region schools already with State Education Dept


SJK Uk Daik, Sibu is among the six central region schools still without a headmaster.

SIBU (July 7): The Sibu Education Office has already submitted a list of recommended names to the State Education Department (JPN) for the post of headmaster at six Chinese primary schools in the central region.

Sibu Education officer Ahli Chikba said the office is still awaiting the department’s decision.

“We have recommended and submitted the proposed candidates for the headmaster posts to JPN and we are waiting for their answers. We are also in constant communication with JPN,” he said.

He explained that to be eligible for the posts, headmaster candidates must have the National Professional Qualification for Educational Leaders (NPQEL).

“However, for the approval, there are procedures from JPN to the Ministry of Education,” he said.

He added that school boards of management normally would not have problems accepting headmasters posted by the Education Department.

Ahli added he had discussed the matter with Association of Aided Chinese Primary Schools Board of Management for Sibu, Kapit and Mukah Division chairman Thomas Tang.

Yesterday, Tang had called on the department to urgently fill the vacancies at SJK Chung Hua, Balingian; SJK San San, Dalat; SJK Yee Ting, Kanowit; as well as SJK Uk Daik, SJK Nang Sang, and SJK Ing Guong in Sibu.

He said these schools had been without headmasters for several months.

When contacted today, Tang said it is unfair for these schools to continue operating without headmasters.

“I’ve talked to Sibu Education officer and urged him to settle this issue as soon as possible,” he said.

According to him, operating without headmasters would affect the confidence of parents in the schools.