Sunday, September 25

Seize opportunity of Sarawak tropical rainforest herbs, rep tells Chinese medicine practitioners


Lo (centre) launches the Chinese Medicine and Physicians Sarawak Businese Transformation Forum with others.

KUCHING (July 9): Chinese medicine practitioners and businesses should seize the opportunity to make use of Chinese herbs in the tropical rainforest of Sarawak to create business opportunities, said Batu Kitang assemblyman Lo Khere Chiang.

He believed that there are unlimited business opportunities for the herbs in the tropical rainforest of Sarawak to be exported to China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Asian countries to earn from foreign exchange.

He pointed out that Sarawak is uniquely endowed with many tropical rainforest Chinese herbs.

“Chinese medicine practitioners can easily use tropical rainforest Chinese herbs to treat various diseases for the people.

“People taking tropical rainforest Chinese herbs can not only cure diseases, but also strengthen their health, killing two birds with one stone,” he said at the Federation of Chinese Medicine and Physicians Sarawak Business Transformation Forum 2022 at a major hotel here today.

Lo, who is Padawan Municipal Council (PMC) chairman, hoped that after the forum, more people will be able to understand traditional Chinese medicine and complementary medicine, and further use them for treatments.

He also hoped that similar events and forums could be held in Sarawak every year, attracting foreigners to come to Sarawak for business opportunities and tourism, and promote Sarawak’s tourism and the economy.

He suggested that the organiser should also arrange for foreign Chinese medicine practitioners and tourists to come to the Sarawak rainforest to search for Chinese medicinal herbs, which can further promote the development and business opportunities of Chinese medicinal herbs.

The forum, which was jointly organised by the Sarawak Federation of Chinese Medicine and Physicians and the state Ministry of Tourism, is aimed to drive the economy and business opportunities of Chinese medicine in Sarawak.

Supported by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, the forum had attracted traditional Chinese medicine practitioners from all over Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Korea.