Sunday, January 29

Shahelmey checks on uncollected rubbish in Putatan


Shahelmey inspecting the pile of rubbish in Putatan.

PUTATAN (July 11): Tanjung Keramat assemblyman Datuk Ir Shahelmey Yahya advised the public to use social media wisely to report on the issue of garbage in Putatan.

He said complaints or comments made by the public, especially residents in the district are very welcome, to ensure that immediate action can be taken.

Shahelmey, who is also Community Development and People’s Wellbeing Minister, also said that as the ruling government, leaders or parties concerned should be wise, if there are negative complaints regarding the current situation.

“Yes, in this era of technology and social media, we as the relevant parties will not miss from any criticism, especially when it relates to issues such as garbage, dirty environment and so on in Putatan.

“Report directly to the relevant parties because most local authorities now also have their social media pages.

“Therefore, complaints and feedback from the public must be solved and addressed,” he said after checking the garbage situation in Kampung Sri Pandan on Monday.

Shahelmey explained that based on early information, the pile of rubbish had allegedly not been collected by the Putatan District Council for the past three days.

“I personally come down to make an inspection to see the situation and we have informed the council to do something to address the issue.

“Yes, we are aware of the residents’ complaints and I have instructed the relevant parties to take immediate action,” he added.