Friday, August 12

‘I Love Sarawak’


FROM beautiful, breathtaking sceneries and the exquisite local cuisines, to warm and friendly people and the unique, cultural diversity, people from all walks of life share with The Borneo Post what they love the most about the Land of the Hornbills.

Murugayah Veloo from Seremban; Miri Hindu Society chairman

I love Sarawak because it is a unique state by nature. It promotes healthy multiculturalism, religious practices and political stability. Good leadership and any kind of initiatives that promote diversity are Sarawak’s key roles in maintaining peace and harmony. Its beautiful nature and sites like Mulu National Park and Niah Caves, to name a few, are places to go to for a real adventure for a non-Sarawakian like me. Not forgetting its authentic, delicious food.


Wong Lung Hing, Miri Life Care Society chairman

I am from Sibu and I love Sarawak because it holds a special place in my heart. There is no place like Sarawak, where people of various races live together in peace and harmony. Mutual respect and acceptance for those with different faiths and beliefs are highly practised here, in Sarawak. It is not uncommon to see Muslims and non-Muslims’ stalls next to each other in coffee shops and them sharing a table. We also have a mosque and a church near each other in Lutong, Miri as well as a Buddhist and a Hindu temple next to each other in Taman Tunku.

This is uniquely Sarawak! For this Sarawak Day, let us all uphold our identity and may our beloved state continue to develop and prosper.


Wellie Henry Majang, Kuala Lumpur; Dayak Think Tank Association Sarawak founder and advisor

I love Sarawak because we practise diversity inclusion in terms of ethnicity, religious and cultural values. We respect one another irrespective of our race and religion. Let us all celebrate this Sarawak Day in the spirit of unity and may Sarawak flourish for many more years to come.


Sylvester Anthony, Mechanical Engineering student at Ausburg University of Applied Science, Germany

I love Sarawak because not only it is my homeland, but it is also where my heart and soul is. I have been studying in Germany for almost three years now and have travelled to some other parts in Europe. I have tasted Western cuisine, sipped huge jugs of German beer and seen the blue-eyed, blonde-haired girls. But of all these, I would still prefer my Laksa Sarawak, a shot or two of ‘tuak’ and the beautiful girl in my hometown whom I have fallen in love with since high school.

No matter where I am, these will bring me back home, to my beautiful land. Happy Sarawak Day!


Staff of Sarawak Forestry Corporation, Kuching

We love Sarawak because of its biodiversity, rich cultural heritage and beautiful nature reserves. We are proud to be involved in the conservation projects of Totally Protected Areas (TPA) including national parks, nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Sarawak beckons with nature and it offers the best experience for exotic adventures through the Borneo rainforest.


Dato Wan Zain Syed Modzar, Melaka; Persatuan Anak Sarawak Melaka president

I love Sarawak because of its clean and green environment. It is also blessed with natural resources, peace-loving people with multiracial backgrounds and good governance.

The state ministry places great importance on infrastructure development and on quality education system by creating more opportunities for our children to pursue tertiary education at skills training centres, public or private institutions of higher learning. I love Sarawak for all these values and that is why we set up Persatuan Anak Sarawak here in Melaka, for us to stay connected wherever we are.


Matassan Rohani, Miri Youth Association chairman

I love Sarawak because it portrays the real concept of ‘Keluarga Malaysia’, where people of various races and different beliefs or religions live together in harmony.

The leaders are concerned for the people’s welfare and help those in need. With political stability and positive community values, Sarawak will move the way forward.


Abang Bahrin Mu’izzadin, head of Legal, Risk and Compliance of Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation

I love Sarawak because it is my homeland. It is also where you can see people of different ethnicity, races and religions living together in unity. The hospitality and the warm nature of our people are Sarawak’s trademark and they are the reasons why Sarawak holds a special place in my heart.


Syed Rusydie Habib, Kuching; executive director of HAUS KCH

I love Sarawak because it supports creative communities and encourages growth of artistic talents and ideas, be they for the people of Sarawak, or non-Sarawakians. Everyone lives in peaceful coexistence and this makes Sarawak a place like no other.


Alfreda Darling Swithun, Sarikei; Sarikei Community-based Rehabilitation Centre chairwoman

I love Sarawak because it preserves its natural landscape and is home to one of the world’s oldest rainforests. Its people are uniquely rich in culture. The Ibans have their very own ‘Pua Kumbu’ and the Melanaus with their ‘Terendak’ (sunhat), to name a few. Its peace-loving people are among things that make Sarawak a land of unity in diversity.


Winston Chang, Kuching; Eternity Esports Sdn Bhd chief strategy officer

I love Sarawak because it is a beautiful, fertile land with people living in peace and harmony. Wishing all Sarawakians a ‘Prosperous, Happy Sarawak Day’.


Councillor Jimmy De Rozario of Sibu Municipal Council

I love Sarawak because it is simply unique. Blessed with beautiful nature, political and economic stability, everyone lives in perfect harmony here.


Andy Jong, Miri; Northern Sarawak Journalists Association president

I love Sarawak because it has good administration, with capable leaders who steer us towards the future. I am proud to celebrate this special Sarawak Day, which I think is important for us to know its history. Our unity is our strength and let us all strive together towards a developed state by the year 2030.


Penghulu Pasang Tubak, Kapit community leader

I love Sarawak and I am proud to be a Sarawakian. I was born in 1958 in Kapit, and I have witnessed how Kapit has progressed from being a remote rural area that was once only reachable by express boats plying Batang Rejang from Sibu. Today, it has turned into a modern vibrant town with stretches of shophouses, government buildings, schools, administrative offices, banks, and waterfront, among other facilities.

All longhouses now have access to free electricity upon the completion and commissioning of the solar-powered system. The proposed road project to connect Kapit-Nanga Merit-Sangan-Tatau-Bintulu will also take place soon.

These infrastructure projects must continue in order to narrow the gap between the urban and rural areas.


James Ling Thian Ing, Malaysian Red Crescent Kapit District treasurer

I love Sarawak because we live in harmony and under good leadership, we are able to prosper and lead a good life. Thumbs up to the state government for its initiatives to promote unity and progressive, holistic development.

We have Unifor (Unit For Other Religions) that looks after the welfare of all non-Muslims and provides fund for their religious bodies. The state’s stand on using English language for the civil service and also its stand on deciding its own education system are a wise move. English is an international language, and we should move forward, but without forgetting our mother tongue.

Let our children speak in multiple languages, be they English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Iban or others. For this Sarawak Day, may Sarawak gain its rights and autonomy as enshrined in the Malaysia Agreement 1963. Happy Sarawak Day!


Amy Calvin, a Sarawakian; executive of oil and gas production firm in Sabah

I love Sarawak because Sarawak has everything to offer – from its friendly people, natural resources, vast fertile land to grow crops and the government’s policy in equal opportunities for all; regardless of race, religion, socio-economic and political affiliation.

Only in Sarawak we have incentive packages like the Sarawak Endowment Fund, given to all Sarawak born children beginning 2019; Bantuan Sarawakku Sayang; bursary and education aid; flight fare assistance for Sarawakian university students and the list goes on. A happy and blessed Sarawak Day and may Sarawak continue to prosper.


Ma Tian Ho, Kapit Coffee Shop and Restaurant Owners Association chairman

I love Sarawak because amidst its cultural diversity, we live in peace and harmony. We stay united for our common goals and we are definitely unique when it comes to celebrating all festivals together, regardless of race, religion or political opinions. We even call one another ‘madik’ (family).


Khairul Azhar Sirat, comedian from Kuching

Sarawak is a very interesting place in terms of tourist attractions, its unique culture, a variety of unique food, and the friendliness of its citizens. Sarawak is the most suitable place to choose as a tourist destination because it has flora and fauna; that’s why I really love Sarawak because of the harmony nurtured by its people and the beauty around it.


Andrew Chioh from Kuching, self-employed

I love Sarawak because it is home to wide range of foodies, people and culture. Its (Kuching’s) location, situated where the airport, hospital, and all the amenities, are conveniently accessible.


Morrison Ben, supermarket general worker in Kuching

Apart from being born here, the other reason I love Sarawak is because Sarawak is unique and it has a rich multicultural society. I believe that there is no place like Sarawak. I also like the food. I am glad that I was born here in Sarawak.


Ibrahim Busran, retired teacher, Sibu

Sarawak is a multi-racial state and my hope is to see the people continue to live together harmoniously and stay in peaceful co-existence. I also hope to see more physical development taking place in Sarawak so that we can become a model state in Malaysia. Happy Sarawak Day!


Kevin Nyait, 41, civil servant, Sibu

I hope under the Gabungan Parti Sarawak government, Sibu can be more developed especially as we are heading towards 2030 when Sibu targets attaining city status. That is the dream of our future. I also hope to see the people give priority to unity which is of paramount importance.


Dr Gregory Hii Sui Cheng, Sibu entrepreneur

My hope is to see Sarawak develop into a model state in Malaysia in terms of cultural diversity, education excellence as well as racial and religious harmony, and with tech-savvy and environmentally-friendly people.