Sunday, September 25

Sarawak’s SD Comms inks MOU with Dutch partner to develop local agritourism


Ho (left) and Giethoorn Hospitality Agri & Tourism director Gabriella Esselbrugge holding up the MOU.

AMSTERDAM (Aug 1): SD Communications Sdn Bhd (SD Coms) and Dutch agritourism giant Giethoorn Hospitality Agri & Tourism have announced a new cooperation agreement to the development and implementation of key agriculture tourism activities in Sarawak.

The agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), formalises the mutual interaction and builds bilateral relationship between the SD Comms and Giethoorn Hospitality Agri & Tourism at the strategic and working level, focusing on the development of Sarawak’s agricultural and tourism sector and the manner in which they are applied in practice by the best companies in the world.

Giethoorn Hospitality Agri & Tourism is a full-service consulting and development firm providing innovative and strategic counsel to the international hospitality industry with Dutch flavors.

They specialise in countryside revitalization, sustainable circular agritourism, municipality consultancy, feasibility studies, concept development for hotels and resorts, agriculture and gastronomy development.

The cooperation between the two parties goes hand in hand with Sarawak’s Post Covid Development Strategy (PCDS) by developing the tourism sector to be a leading destination for eco-tourism and business event in the ASEAN region.

The scope of the cooperation includes development of agritourism roadmaps for Sarawak as well as an overarching framework and strategy for the agriculture sector. With this shared objective, the MOU provides a platform for cooperation between the partners that will benefit Sarawak greatly by leveraging on Giethoorn Hospitality Agri & Tourism’s experience.

Darren Ho of SD Coms said, “We are delighted to be partnering up with Giethoorn Hospitality Agri & Tourism as there is a real desire for both parties in developing standards for global agri tourism and sustanability.

“It paints a very bright picture of Sarawak’s agriculture and tourism future and we are excited by the prospect of strengthening and formalising the already high levels of cooperation between us and provide a base for greater things to come.”

Attending the MOU signing are Sarawak’s Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture and Regional Development, the Honourable Datuk Seri Dr Stephen Rundi, Deputy Minister Martin Ben, Permanent Secretary Datu Edwin Abit and Malaysian Ambassador to the Netherlands Datuk Nadzirah Osman.