Tesla electric cars available in Sabah


Jasnih (third from left), Persatuan Pengimport dan Peniaga Kenderaan Melayu (PEKEMA) Malaysia Vice President Raja Petra Marudin Raja Nordin , state Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry political secretary Senator Noraini Idris, Pekema Sabah president Ridzuan Datuk Lassim and other invited guests at the Tesla unveiling ceremony.

KOTA KINABALU (Aug 6): Falida Motor (FM) Sdn Bhd or FM by Falida as it is known now, has paved the way for Sabahans to own electric vehicles by introducing the Tesla models 3 and Y here on Saturday.

Persatuan Pengimport dan Peniaga Kenderaan Melayu (PEKEMA) Malaysia Vice President Raja Petra Marudin Raja Nordin said that he was proud that FM Sdn Bhd, a member of PEKEMA, started the initiative in Sabah.

“PEKEMA also encourages its members to import electric vehicles to Malaysia. We are also proud to be able to bring and introduce the Tesla model 3 and Y electric vehicles to the state,” he said during a press conference and unveiling ceremony of the Tesla electric vehicles here on Saturday.

Raja Petra Marudin said PEKEMA also took the initiative to create more options for consumers in Malaysia in terms of electric vehicle choices.

According to him, Pekema has also provided 1,000 electric vehicle charging station locations throughout Malaysia.

“For Sabah, the stations are currently located in a couple of vehicle showrooms owned by PEKEMA members,” he said.

Meanwhile FM by Falida in a press release in conjunction with the ceremony said that its management decided to restructure the whole group’s vision and mission by embarking on a new electric vehicle (EV) journey and rebranding Falida Motor to ‘FM by Falida’.

“Being the pioneer of EVs in Sabah, the management is investing in a 3S service centre to cater to the needs of the upcoming EV market in Sabah. FM by Falida started off with the premium EV brand, Tesla and is looking into introducing multi-brand EV to the automotive segment in Sabah,” it said.

FM by Falida also disclosed that it will have a team of qualified and specialized EV service technicians for carrying out maintenance of EVs in Sabah.

“We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to our first batch of Tesla EV customers in Sabah for having the trust and confidence in our company in purchasing the vehicles.

“For the convenience of our EV clients, FM by Falida together with Pekema Malaysia is also looking into setting up charging stations with the support of the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry at strategic areas in Sabah,” the company said.

During the unveiling ceremony which was officiated by Assistant Finance Minister Jasnih Daya, a total of RM24,000 in donations was handed over to three non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the state.

This was a contribution from the late Datuk Ibrahim Abdullah, founder of Falida Motor.

The charities that received the donation were Masjid Jamek As-Salam in Kampung Siasai Tomboi, Kota Belud, Rumah Anak Yatim Darul Bakti Kota Belud and Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu Sutera. Each NGO received RM8,000.

The mock cheque for the donation was presented by Chief Executive Officer of FM Sdn Bhd, Syed Faiz.

In his speech, Jasnih said the world’s economic pattern has changed a lot and is much different from before.

This is not only in the aspect of communication and cross border trade but now economy and finance can also be achieved in milliseconds.

Jasnih pointed out that Malaysia which was once an agricultural country has succeeded in transforming itself into an industrial one.

“Malaysia is now in the phase of transforming to another level to own and develop in an economy based on technology, digital and data.

“With that, the people of Sabah must also change and take the opportunity to expand our network by using digital technology,” he said.

In order to keep up with transformation, the focus of skill training will be on the EV ecosystem and its chain, said the Pantai Dalit assemblyman.

Jasnih added that Sabahans should not be complacent with the importance of environmental protection as the state progresses.

“Under Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS), the State’s Environmental Policy 2018-2033 is a guide in managing the environment and natural resources. It outlines an indicative plan and strategy based on five aspects of the environment, namely land, air, water, biodiversity and social, which includes 83 strategies and 195 action plans with an allocation of RM131.93 million,” he said.

According to Jasnih, the state government ensures continuous effort in the preservation and conservation of the environment.

“Together, we contribute towards a green earth with the launch of EVs by Pekema members and Falida Motors. This will instill awareness of green conservation and the progress and evolution of the motor industry in the digital age,” he said.