Tuesday, December 6

Flood: Major improvement in parts of Miri and Subis


APM personnel check the flood situation at Rh Sumob Lidam Saeh in Subis.

MIRI (Aug 8): The flood situation in several areas and roads in Miri and Subis districts has improved significantly as of 5pm yesterday.

Miri Civil Defence Force (APM) officer-in-charge Captain (PA) Usman Harto said monitoring at flood-prone areas on Saturday after heavy rain overnight found that the floodwater started rising from 6am.

The affected areas in Miri district included Kampung Sungai Dalam, Lambir; Kampung Tudan Desa Aras Phase 6; and Jalan Persisiran Pantai Lutong.

As for the Subis district, areas included Rh Sumob Lidam Saeh, Niah; Rh Albion Ngumbang; Kampung Sebalik Tiris; Kampung Pintasan Tiris; and Kampung Nusah.

“However, inspections carried out by APM members on Sunday (Aug 7) morning found that the flood situation in these areas had significantly improved.

“The floodwater level in Miri district had completely receded despite the cloudy weather, while most of the affected areas in Subis district continue to experience a decline in the floodwater level to about half foot, as of 5pm,” he said.

Usman said no evacuation needed to be carried out thus far.

“We will continue to carry out periodic monitoring at these flood-prone areas due to the unpredictable weather,” he added.

Meanwhile,  Miri Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) acting chief Ahmad Nizam Sapaiee said Bomba teams from Miri Central and Batu Niah fire stations also reported that the flood situation in several flood-prone areas have improved as yesterday evening.

Inspections conducted by the team from Miri Central fire station found no flood at Jalan Miri- Pujut, Jalan Aiport Miri, Jalan Tanjung, Jalan Datuk Temenggong Lawai Jau and Jalan Merbau and traffic at these areas were under control.

Meanwhile, inspections by the Batu Niah fire station team at several areas in Niah including Jalan Sungai Saeh Merah, Jalan Sungai Saeh Putih, Rh Limbang Kanyan, Rh Ayai Sawing and Rh Nelson Ningkan found that the floodwaters had gradually receded.