APM personnel catch over three-metre-long batik python at Miri house


APM personnel with the captured batik python.

MIRI (Aug 10): Miri Civil Defence Force (APM) personnel were summoned to catch an over three-metre-long batik python at a house in Milea Residence Phase 2, Parkcity Eastwood here today.

Miri APM officer Usman Harto said four APM personnel were sent to the house upon being notified on the discovery of the python at 8.51am.

“The python was spotted when a 51-year-old male complainant was lifting the canvas to take the sand at the back of his house.

“Fearing for the safety of his family, the man immediately called APM for help,” he explained.

Usman said upon arrival at the scene, the APM personnel caught the batik python using a special equipment.

“It took the APM personnel nine minutes to catch the snake and it was later released into its own habitat.,” he added.

The operation ended at 9.27am.