Monday, December 5

Esports trailblazer Nadrah Saufi receives warm welcome at Sibu Airport


Nadrah (standing, fourth left) takes one for the album with Saufi (standing, sixth left), Lu (second right) and others.

SIBU (Aug 13): Commonwealth Esports Championships (CEC) gold medalist Nadrah ‘Nada’ Saufi received a warm welcome at Sibu Airport after coming out from the arrival hall on Friday night.

Nadrah landed in Sibu at 9.30pm and was welcomed by staff and friends of University Technology of Sarawak (UTS).

The trailblazer became the first female Sarawakian gamer to bag a gold medal in Dota 2 after her team bested the English team at the inaugural CEC 2022 at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England recently.

The 25-year-old gold medalist is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Technology Management course at UTS.

Among those welcoming her were UTS Head of Student Development and Service Department Lu Yew King, her friends and members from Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Youth wing.

When met, Nadrah’s father Saufi Sepawi, 59, told reporters he was very happy with her achievement and happier still she achieved it for Malaysia and UTS.

“This is a world-class event and now she is a world-class player. I know she is a gamer and she has been playing it for quite a long time and to win gold is not an overnight success.

“This game (Dota 2) is not just about playing but it is about your mind — about strategy,” he said.

He added he has never worried about Nadrah as she balances and manages her time between gaming and studying very well.