Saturday, January 28

APM personnel kept busy capturing snakes at two houses, supermarket in Miri


An APM personnel with the python captured under a stall at Piasau supermarket.

MIRI (Aug 15): The Civil Defence Force (APM) personnel here were kept busy yesterday after being summoned thrice to help catch snakes which had slithered into two houses and a supermarket.

APM Miri officer Usman Harto said the first call was received at 4.51pm from a 19-year-old man who informed them that a snake had hidden behind a freezer in his house at Sea View Park here.

“A team led by Michael Sabing was despatched to the house and it took them about six minutes to capture the one-and-a-half-metre long cobra which was still behind the freezer,” he added.

Usman said the second incident involved a batik python which was spotted hiding under a stall at a supermarket in Piasau.

“We received a call at 6.59pm from a 24-year-old woman, who said that she was about to take some items from the stall when she saw the snake.

“The same APM team was despatched to the stall and it took them about one minute to capture the python, which measured about half-metre in length.”

He said the third call was received at 7.19pm from a 40-year-old woman, who informed them that she and her husband saw a snake slithering in front of their house at Pink Fook Garden before escaping and hiding in the drain.

“The same team was despatched to the house and they took about three minutes to capture the one-and-a half-metre long cobra which was still in the drain.”

Usman said all three reptiles were later released back into their habitat.