Thursday, February 2

Prompted by ‘sixth sense’, Sarawakian woman strikes RM13.59 mln jackpot


Magnum 4D logo from Facebook/Magnum4D

KUCHING (Sept 2): A lucky Sarawakian woman won the Magnum 4D jackpot amounting to RM13.59 million on Aug 24.

According to a statement, the homemaker, who learned to play the Magnum 4D Jackpot in 2016, always purchases random lucky numbers according to her intuition and lucky inspiration.

For the jackpot, she played the 4D Jackpot by purchasing a System-10 ticket and the winning numbers 9933 (second prize) and 6190 (third prize) came to her randomly.

“I personally do not fancy any specific numbers when I go to purchase the ticket. I always buy numbers randomly, for example, receipts, signboards, ringgit Malaysia notes serial numbers, random car numbers; but what makes me to have a strong sense to purchase the numbers is when it comes into my mind repetitively,” said the woman.

A regular Magnum customer for over 20 years, this is her largest ever win.

“I am the only family member who buys lottery number and I always like to switch different types of Magnum products every week.

“On that day, I decided to buy Magnum 4D Jackpot. During the result day, I browse through Magnum 4D website and initially I thought I won only the second prize. Later, I cross checked only to realise that the number 6190 that I purchased also came out as the third prize number. This is when I realised that I had won jackpot,” she recalled.

The woman added she asked her daughter to use the MyMagnum App to scan her tickets to confirm the total amount that she had won.

“When I realised that I had won RM13 million, I was in disbelief till I could not sleep throughout the night,” she shared.

She then asked her daughter to contact Magnum Careline for confirmation and to verify the draw results on her winnings.

“Only then did I realise that I had become a multi-millionaire! I did not think my dream had come true till the moment I collected the cheque from Magnum’s office,” said the winner.

The woman said she plans to share her winnings with family members and her children will use part of the funds for her grandchildren’s education.

“I also believe in doing good deeds as I have always been helping those who are in need. Therefore, I will donate some of the money for charitable projects as a contribution to society,” she added.