Sagah: GPS’ Puncak Borneo candidate must have strong support from constituents


Sagah (second left) hands over the PBB flag to PBB Serembu youth chief Wejok Tomik (first right). Miro is on Sagah’s right.

KUCHING (Sept 11): Gabungan Parti Sarawak’s (GPS) potential candidate for Puncak Borneo must have strong support from the voters there, said Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) vice president Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn.

He said this is to ensure the success of GPS winning the seat as well as strengthening the struggle to defend Sarawak’s rights at the parliamentary level.

“Our struggle is not for individuals or solely for the parliamentary constituency of Puncak Borneo only — but for Sarawak in general.

“Therefore, everyone must support whoever will be chosen as a candidate by the Premier of Sarawak and PBB president to contest in this seat,” he said in a news report by the Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas) today.

Sagah mentioned this when launching the PBB Puncak Borneo Roadshow at the Serembu Eco Park, Siniawan on Sunday.

He also called on members and supporters from GPS component parties in the state seats of Serembu, Mambong and Tarat to unite and work together to ensure the success of the candidate.

These three state seats make up the Puncak Borneo parliamentary constituency.

Also present at the programme were PBB Youth chief and Serembu assemblyman Miro Simuh and PBB Mambong branch vice chief Stephen Jotik.

Sagah was also quoted as saying the mistake of not working together during the last general election led to the defeat of PBB in Puncak Borneo and “must not be repeated”.

He said the defeat of PBB’s candidate in the last general election was largely due to the loose working relationship between the three state seats within Puncak Borneo.