Sunday, November 27

Condominium burglary in Luyang raises public concerns


Samuel Wong (second right) and Maxi Loo (right) visited the family to understand their situation.

KOTA KINABALU (Sept 12): The recent burglary at a condominium in Luyang has raised the concerns of the people.

Warisan Kota Kinabalu information chief Samuel Wong visited the affected family to understand their situation together with Warisan National Vice Youth chief Maxi Loo and Warisan Penampang Youth chief Ridhwan Razak.

“CCTV footage showed three burglars broke into the house, carrying machete and knife. They even went into the master bedroom to loot when both parents and two small kids were sleeping. This is rather alarming!

“It now appears that thieves are getting bolder by the days. They will do whatever it takes for them to steal,” said Samuel.

“Condominiums can be broken into nowadays, what more a landed house? Home security system is a priority in every house, including condominiums. It provides you with the peace of mind in knowing that your family and your home are secure,” he added in a statement on Monday.

With the rising housebreaking attempts, he called on the police to step up surveillance patrols, especially in Luyang and other areas in Kota Kinabalu.

Jalan Penempatan road leading to the condominium complex is always dark without streetlights and dangerous and there is a landslide left unattended behind the condominium.

Warisan urged the relevant authorities to install streetlights along this stretch of Jalan Penempatan and to attend to the affected area caused by the landslide.

Samuel, who is also Warisan Luyang Chinese coordinator, opines that the increase in crime rates correlates with the bad economic situation in KK as well as in Sabah.

“Crime rate is getting really serious triggered by bad economy. Bad economy triggers social problems and crime issues, it’s a chain reaction,” he said.

On August 22, two women risked their lives trying to detain a burglar who was about to break into their house at Taman Jindo in Luyang.

The break-in attempt happened around 3am and was captured on CCTV.

The house occupants went after the suspect who was climbing over the gate in a bid to escape and a struggle ensued.

He managed to break free and escaped in a waiting pick-up truck, which was said to have been stolen.