Friday, December 2

Ekuinas aims to empower East Malaysian SMEs


Hizwani Hassan


KUCHING: Investment company Ekuiti Nasional Bhd (Ekuinas) has launched the ILTIZAM Catalyst, an entrepreneurship programme that aims to future-proof small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing the catalyst needed for companies to strengthen their core business foundation.

Under the umbrella of Ekuinas’ corporate social responsibility arm ILTIZAM, ILTIZAM Catalyst provides hands-on and direct technical assistance to small Bumiputera businesses to strengthen their capacity and chart a sustainable growth.

Under the new ILTIZAM Catalyst programme, Ekuinas has set aside RM850,000 for 30 eligible companies. The programme also provides its participants access Ekuinas’ massive network of businesses and business experts nationwide.

With that, Ekuinas encourages SMEs in Sabah and Sarawak to participate in its newly launched ILTIZAM Catalyst as this programme could help them grow their businesses beyond the shores of East Malaysia.

“By going through this programme, SMEs in East Malaysia can grow their businesses and expand into Peninsular Malaysia and beyond. They will also be able to gain access into Ekuinas’ large resources and when you are part of our network, we can help you with your business issues and give the assistance you might need.

“The network we have are also far-reaching. With this network, this is a good starting point especially for businesses in Sabah and Sarawak,” Ekuinas director of stakeholder affairs Hizwani Hassan shared with The Borneo Post.

“We hope that with this programme, businesses will grow and help the local economy as well as create more job opportunities,” he added.

Aside from that, the programme provides ample benefits for its participants. Successful applicants will receive assistance and guidance with issues such as finance and financial compliance, digital branding and marketing, and digital & technology adoption into their companies.

The ILTIZAM Catalyst programme is open to Bumiputera small and medium enterprises that is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia in all sectors and has been financially sustainable with annual revenue between RM300,000 to RM1 million in the last two financial years or more.

Companies interested in the ILTIZAM Catalyst programme also has to be fully committed to participate this six months programme.

Application for the ILTIZAM Catalyst programme is free and opens today until September 18, 2022.

Interested candidates can also visit for more information on this programme.



There are also other programmes under the ILTIZAM Entrepreneurship pillar which SMEs can look into and this include ILTIZAM Advance, ILTIZAM Ihsan, and ILTIZAM Sosial.

Previously, under ILTIZAM Social Impact Accelerator Sabah (ISIAS), Ekuinas has collaborated with myHarapan, and Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre (SCENIC) to hold a six-month upskilling programme for 10 selected social entrepreneurs in Sabah.

The outcome of the programme saw RM 4,500 awarded to the the first place winner, an agropreneur called Farm Tokou that produce food palette for freshwater fish from food waste, and natural fertilizer from fish organic waste.

Ekuinas is a private equity fund management company established by the Government of Malaysia in September 2009 to promote equitable and sustainable Bumiputera wealth creation and economic participation based on the principles of market-friendliness, merit and transparency via the creation of Malaysia’s next generation of leading companies.

ILTIZAM is the CSR arm of Ekuinas which strives to create a sustainable impact in the pillars of entrepreneurship, education, and community. Under the entrepreneurship pillar, Ekuinas’ commitment is to nurture local Bumiputera entrepreneurs/businesses that will drive the country’s future growth.