Sunday, December 4

Standalone utility pole: Contractor issued with compound, says MPP chairman


Before the pole was shifted.

KUCHING (Sept 22): The contractor who had erected a standalone utility pole at the newly paved road at the junction leading to Lorong Batu Kawa 3G, has been issued a compound by the Padawan Municipal Council (MPP).

MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang in a statement said the council strongly condemned the irresponsible contractor and their supervising professional engineer for their failures to exercise necessary precaution.

Lo, who is also Batu Kitang assemblyman, said the contractor should have put up safety measures like barricades, warning signs and blinking lights to warn road users of the pole.

“For their failure, the council has issued them a compound. This is an ongoing private housing development which has yet to be completed,” he said.

Lo said the council always seeks and looks forward to the meaningful cooperation from contractors and utilities companies and regulating agencies alike to keep council abreast of on-going developments.

The matter was highlighted in The Borneo Post today, and the pole has been shifted afterwards.

Lo has said the matter was due to miscommunication between the contractors, and that Sesco has been directed to shift the pole.

A photo showing the pole was uploaded on a local portal on Tuesday and it drew over 1,000 comments from netizens.

Many had ridiculed the situation while others highlighted the danger it posed to motorists especially at night.