Wednesday, October 5

Industry players attend Atlas Copco oil-free air compressor, nitrogen generator seminar


Mahendran makes his presentation during the seminar.

KUCHING (Sept 23): Thirty-five key players from the electronics and food processing industry attended a seminar on ‘Atlas Copco Oil-Free Air Compressor and Nitrogen Generator’ here recently.

Organised by KTS Trading, the sole authorised distributor of Atlas Copco in East Malaysia for the past four decades, the one-day seminar was specially held to deliver solutions to the said industry.

The speakers were Atlas Copco business development manager (Industrial Gases & Aircube) Tim Chua and business line manager (Oil-Free Air) Mahendran Kandasamy.

According to KTS Trading senior manager (Industrial Products Division) Ling Leong King, Atlas Copco’s NGP Nitrogen Gas Generator is a complete and fully automated on-site generator that produced gaseous nitrogen for use in the electronics industry to improve the quality of the end product and the efficiency of the facility.

A model of the nitrogen generation plant.

“Nitrogen gas ensures sharp finishes by significantly cutting down dross in the soldering process and allows the solder to cleanly break away.

“Additionally, it prevents oxidation that weakens the solder. It maintains the ideal atmosphere for electronics that demand very specific temperature and environment to work successfully,” he said.

Ling said the NGP system is able to deliver significant savings up to 80 per cent, compared to other conventional nitrogen generators as it offers optimal efficiency.

“It matches its air consumption with the nitrogen output required by the plant. The complete and ready-to-use system offers nitrogen purity from 95 per cent up to 99.99 per cent, depending on the requirement of the industry concerned. It also eliminates the need for nitrogen gas deliveries,” he said.

Nitrogen gas is also crucial for the food processing industry for prolonged food preservation and freshness as it retards oxidation.

It is used in a wide range of industries including palm oil refining, pharmaceuticals, laser cutting, pressure testing, and tyre inflation, among others.

As for oil-free compressors, Ling said they have become an indispensable part of electronics manufacturing, as printed circuit boards require compressed clean air to create products of high precision and to eliminate the risks of contamination.

“Atlas Copco’s oil-free compressors produce Class O oil-free air that contains no moisture and other contaminants.

“In electronics manufacturing there is no room for errors. That is why Class O oil-free air is the most ideal for use in its production environment,” he said.

The organisers, speakers and attendees in a group photo.

In food and beverage applications, Ling said that oil-free air is especially critical.

“The ultra-clean oil-free air ensures the products coming into contact with it would not impact the health and safety of consumers.

“In brief, both Atlas Copco NGP and oil-free compressors assure you the lowest cost of ownership with superb performance and reliability,” he said.

KTS business development manager Kevin Lau, sales manager Ting Sie Mee and Kuching branch manager Tang Lee Woo were also present.

Industry players who are ready to experience the ease of use and cost savings on onsite nitrogen generator and the benefits of oil-free air can contact Chong Wei Hin of KTS Trading Kuching branch on 016-8705730.

Alternatively, visit or call other branch offices for further information.