Pujut folk get houses repaired under government programme


Yii (second left) and his aide Kelvin Hii (right) are seen with a recipient family.

MIRI (Sept 24): Three houses in Pujut have been repaired under the Minor Rural Project – Sarawak House Repairs for the Poor Programme (MRP-PPRMS) for Pujut constituency.

Pujut assemblyman and Miri Mayor Adam Yii handed over the houses to the recipients, who qualified to have their homes repaired and improved.

“The repair works included rooftop, pillars, walls, and flooring,” he said in a statement.

He said the projects took about two weeks to complete.

He pointed out that more homes of mostly B40 group as well as eligible recipients of e-Kasih are currently being repaired under the programme.

Yii (second left) checks the completed work at one of the houses.

The Sarawak government introduced MRP-PPRMS in 2018 as an initiative to help the poor throughout the state.

Pujut constituents, categorised as B40 and eligible for e-Kasih, requiring help with house repairs can contact the SUPP Pujut service centre on 019-8863819 for further information.