Sunday, November 27

Cop jailed, fined for corruptly asking money from woman



KOTA KINABALU (Sept 29): A police corporal was jailed for a total of four years and fined RM35,000 by the Sessions Court here on Thursday for two charges of corruptly asking money from a woman to not take any action against a man for allegedly having a protected animal.

Judge Abu Bakar Manat meted out the sentence on Donni @ Dainel Tinili, 47, after finding the accused guilty of both the charges on Thursday.

The accused was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for each of the charges while the fines were RM25,000, in default, four months’ jail and RM10,000, in default, two months’ jail respectively.

Both the jail terms were ordered to be served concurrently from the date of conviction.

However, the court had allowed the accused’s application for a stay of his execution pending an appeal to the High Court here.

The judge ordered the accused to be released on his previous bail but to add another RM2,000 to his current bail.

Apart from that, the bail conditions granted previously was also maintained, pending disposal of the accused’s appeal.

On the first count, Donni, who was stationed at the central lockup of the Sabah Police Headquarters here, was convicted of corruptly asking RM5,000 from the woman as an inducement not to take action against the man.

The offence was committed at the said lockup on August 21, 2016.

Donni was also convicted of the second count of corruptly asking another RM2,000 from the same woman for the same purpose at a premises near the old courthouse building on August 22, 2016.

The prosecution had produced 25 witnesses to testify against Donni, who was represented by counsel Adam George Aludah.