Thursday, September 28

Several areas in Miri division hit by floods following heavy rain overnight


Bomba Batu Niah personnel conducting flood monitoring at Kampung Padang Kelulit.

MIRI (Oct 9): Several areas in this division were hit by floods this morning following a heavy rain overnight, with the water level at some schools and settlements reaching up to about three feet.

Miri Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) acting chief Ahmad Nizam Sapaiee said a team of three personnel from Batu Niah fire station carried out flood monitoring over Kampung Sulap Lada, Kampung Kelulit, Kampung Pejuang, Kampung Labau, Kampung Padang, Kampung Gatas, Kampung Jambu Bungai and Jalan Bukit Peninjau in Bekenu as well as along the road leading from Batu Niah leading to Kampung Bungai from 6.30am to 9.45am.

“From the monitoring, the team reported that the roads at Kampung Sulap Lada and Kampung Padang Kelulit were inundated with water level reaching less than one feet and were still passable by light vehicles while the roads at other villages were inundated by floodwaters between one and three feet.”

Meanwhile, four personnel from the Lopeng fire station had conducted flood monitoring over SJK Lutong, Kampung Sealine Lutong, Jalan Miri Bypass, Jalan Miri Pujut, Batu 1 Kuala Baram, Sungai Adong, Sungai Miri, Jalan Miri-Lutong, Tudan and Miri Crude Oil Terminal (MCOT) in Lutong since 8.30am today.

“From the monitoring, the team reported that the situation in flood-prone areas and traffic was still under control,” said Ahmad Nizam.

Floods also struck three villages and a school in Baram, namely Long Atip, Long Watt, Long Bemang and SK Long Lenei.

“The water levels at the three villages were recorded at about one foot high.

“The Baram District Education Office (PPD) reported that continuous rain since Saturday night had caused SK Long Lenei to be flooded with water level as high as 2.5 feet. The school was not in operation during the weekend,” he added.

As of 11am on Sunday, Ahmad Nizam said no evacuation was needed as the flood situation in this division was still under control.

He also reminded the road users to be cautious during this rainy season.

A team of four personnel from the Civil Defence Force (APM) also carried out flood monitoring at Kampung Subak Bekenu, Kampung Tiris Bekenu, Kampung Pintasan Bekenu, Batu 14 Lambir and Rumah Anthony Kampung Sungai Liam Lambir.

APM Miri operation officer second lieutenant Azuan Kamin said the areas were hit by floods at 1am following continuous rain.

“The highest water level recorded was three feet high but gradually receded as of Sunday afternoon,” he said.

Azuan added that no temporary evacuation centre (PPS) has been opened as of 5pm on Sunday as the flood situation is still under control and safe.