Flood hits 11 areas in Miri Division, six schools affected


APM personnel carry out a flood monitoring operation at SK Sungai Arang.

MIRI (Oct 31): The Miri Division Disaster Management Committee has identified 11 areas and six schools in the division to have been hit by floods as of this morning following continuous rain since Friday (Oct 28).

Secretariat and Civil Defence Force (APM) Miri officer Lt (PA) Mirwan Shah Masri said some 700 residents have been affected.

Seven of the areas and two of the schools experiencing flooding are located in Beluru District.

The areas are Rumah William Saba, Sungai Beluru; Rumah Gerang, Sungai Tisam, Beluru, Bakong; Rumah Dasu, Sungai Tisam, Bukit Nyaming; Rumah Adin, Sungai Kelabit, Bakong; Rumah Keyai, Sungai Lutong, Bawah Bakong; Rumah Nazareth, Sungai Lutong, Bakong Bawah; and Rumah Nora, Sungai Buri Bakong; while the two schools are SK Sungai Kelabit and SK Kuala Bok.

Mirwan said the other areas and schools affected by floods are located in Marudi District – Rumah James Ansi, Kampung Sungai Buloh B; Kampung Benawa; Kampung Long Maro; Rumah Vincent; SK Benawa; SK Long Panai; SK Sungai Arang; and SMK Tutoh Apoh.

“The flood water level at the flood-prone areas including schools is reported to reach about one (0.6 metres) to five feet (1.5 metres) high and mostly are stagnant with only a few with a rising and declining trend under the partly sunny and mostly cloudy weather as of 10am today,” he said.

As of this morning, no evacuation has been carried out and no temporary evacuation centre has been activated as the flood situation in the division is still under control.