Long Bemang hit by floods for fifth time this year


The floodwater level at Long Bemang was 2.8 feet at 9am this morning.

LIMBANG (Nov 17): Long Bemang continues to be hit by flood with floodwater level rising to 2.8 feet as of 9am today.

The Kayan longhouse situated in Tutoh Apoh Baram is a flood-prone village and has entered its fifth time being hit by flood this year.

“Some 539 residents from 103 households in Long Bemang are affected by the flood which hit the village following continuous heavy rain since last Tuesday.

“The electricity supply at the longhouse has been disconnected by Sarawak Energy since Tuesday for their safety and avoid any untoward incidents,” said Miri Bomba chief Ahmad Nizam Sapaiee.

Besides Long Bemang, the firefighters in Miri division have also been keeping on their toes monitoring several other flood-prone areas in the past few weeks, said Ahmad Nizam.

As such, a team of personnel from Lopeng fire station monitored the flood-prone areas in Beluru district which included Kampung Beluru Bakong and Lapok Tinjar area from 2pm to 8pm yesterday where they found that the flood situation there was still under control and improving.

As for Marudi district, a team of personnel from Marudi fire station carried out flood monitoring operation at flood-prone areas including Kampung Dagang, Kampung Baru, Kampung Narum, Kampung Cina and Jalan Ridan ferry in Marudi town from 7am to 7.40am today.

The flood situation in Marudi is still under control despite several areas reported to be experiencing a rising trend in the floodwater level under the fine weather.

“Roads are accessible to all vehicles and some villagers have moved their belongings to the upper floor of their two-storey houses.

“Bomba personnel have also advised residents at the flood-prone areas to always take precautionary measures and be ready to move out if the flood situation got worse,” he added.

As of this morning, no evacuation has been carried out and no temporary evacuation centre has been activated in Miri division.

However, Ahmad Nizam said that Bomba Miri will continue to carry out flood monitoring operation from time to time.