Sarawakians have no reason to fear PAS, says party’s state commissioner


PAS state commissioner Jofri Jaraiee said his party should be given a chance to rule.

MIRI (Nov 22): The people of Sarawak should not be fearful of PAS if the party is given a chance to rule through the new government, said its state commissioner Jofri Jaraiee.

He said the people of Malaysia, and Sarawak in particular, will be able to live peacefully under the newly formed government.

“Don’t worry and stress yourself with something that is not real, “ he said when contacted over calls on Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) not to work with PAS in the formation of the new government due to its religious aspirations.

Jofri blamed Islamopobia for the prejudice against the party, saying the party has proven to be fair to non-Muslims and will continue this approach in the government.

“Give PAS a chance together with PN and other parties to lead this country, we have the option to change the government every 5 years. If the government is not good and makes life difficult for the people, it can be changed again in the 16th general election, “ he said.

Jofri maintained that Pas was not an extremist or racist party as claimed by certain quarters as the PAS Supporters Assembly (DHPP) consists of various races and religions.

“Why are you afraid of PAS wanting to implement sharia law? This is a demand in Islamic teachings. For non-Muslims, why should they be afraid of allegations that PAS will be like the Taliban allegedly restricting religious freedom and oppressing non-Muslims.

“Such baseless and bad accusations come from those who have vested interests and fear that their interests will be affected, “ he said.

Jofri stressed that PAS has governed Kelantan for over 30 years and non-Muslims were not oppressed and blocked from carrying out their daily lives in the state as they are still free to practice their religious teachings and do business without any interference.

Calling on Sarawakians to be open-minded, he said the people are highly educated and live in peace with different religions and customs that will not be easily deceived by the propaganda and incitement of those who are anti-Islam.

He said it was important to learn from a pious person about Islamic knowledge and not look at the bad behavior of Muslims who do not obey the teachings of Islam.

“Islam forbids its people to oppress followers of other religions. Islam is a religion of peace, not extremist as the anti-Islamic group accuses, “ he said.

GPS has announced that it would work with Perikatan Nasional where PAS is a member, Barisan Nasional and Gabungan Rakyat Sabah for the formation of the new government.