Monday, November 28

Gira: Nine schools in Tamin in urgent need of repair


Christopher Gira

KUCHING (Nov 25): Nine schools in the Tamin constituency are deemed unsafe and in dire need of improvement, said Christopher Gira Sambang (GPS-Tamin).

Debating on the Sarawak Budget, he said the Budget had highlighted the importance of human capital development through enhancing the quality of education.

“We all want to help our children to reach their full potential. To achieve this, we need to provide interesting and safe environment to attract children to love schooling.

“Hence, I seek for a budget to upgrade dilapidated schools in Tamin which are deemed unsafe,” he said in the august House yesterday.

Gira named the schools as SK Ng Arau, Ulu Mukah; SK Sg Pelugau, Selangau; SK Sg Buloh Selangau; SK Ng Selangau; SK Ng Kua, Selangau; SK St Mark; SK St Mathew; SK Sebentik; and SMK Ulu Balingian.

“I also would like to request funds for the construction of a new District Education office in Selangau,” he said.

He said the staff of Selangau District Education Office were now using a rented shophouse in Selangau as an office.

Due to the fast-growing economic activities in Selangau, he said produce such as vegetables, fruits and livestock had to be stored fresh. This called for a preservation facility to be set up in his constituency.

“The produce has to be stored or kept in such a way to maintain their quality. Therefore, I would like to request for the establishment of a collection centre in Selangau,” he added.

Gira also urged the government to continue with the construction of a mini sport complex in Selangau, which had ceased construction due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to him, the incomplete project is sited in the middle of downtown Selangau and the signboard has become an eyesore to the public.

“This paints a bad image on the government of the day.”

Gira also said many Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) projects such as futsal courts and multipurpose halls were unable to take off due to the unresolved land issues.

As such, he appealed to the Land and Survey Department to expedite the approval of these projects.

He said those facilities, once completed later, would benefit the local people.

Gira also urged the state government to improve and build more roads and bridges in Tamin.

He proposed that the government upgrade, among others, the abandoned logging roads from Ng Sekuau to Ng Bunau Oya, Selangau, and from Ng Kua to Ulu Mukah.

He added there are 27 telecommunication towers in Tamin. However, the internet connectivity in the constituency is still poor and slow.

“As we are moving to a digital economy, I request funds for the construction of additional telecommunication towers for better Internet coverage in Tamin,” he added.