Mrs Malaysia World 2022 unveils costume by Sarawakian designer with 10,000 five-sen coins, sets record (VIDEO)


Olivia will be heading to Las Vegas this month with a national dress decorated with 10,000 five-sen coins. — Photo from Instagram//missmalaysiapageant

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 7): Mrs Malaysia World 2022 Olivia Nicholas will be representing the country at the Mrs World pageant this month wearing an extraordinary record-setting dress.

The 30-year-old lawyer recently unveiled her national costume decorated with 10,000 five-sen coins.

Olivia said in an Instagram post that the dress, called Puteri Destar Siga, is inspired by the Iban community.

“It is unique because it reflects the traditional aspects of the Iban culture in the use of an unusual accessory to decorate the dress.

“[It is designed with] 10,000 five-sen coins, which is a creative modern take upon an age-old fashion sense.”

Olivia said the coins are designed in the motif of the Destar Siga cloth, an indigenous form of woven fabric that originates from the Kadazan Dusun community in Sabah.

“It is also used as a headdress during traditional ceremonies.

“The beauty of this national costume is that it incorporates both the Sabah and Sarawak elements in making this magnificent piece.”

The unique dress entered Malaysia Book of Records for the costume decorated with the most five-sen coins.

It was designed by Sarawakian fashion designer Saran Lagong.

The Ipoh-born beauty will be wearing the dress as she competes with representatives from over 60 countries for the coveted Mrs World 2022 crown in Las Vegas from Dec 10-17. — Malay Mail