Wednesday, December 6

Floods in Kuching, Bau force 119 out of homes to relief centres


APM personnel speak to a flood victim in Kampung Bedaun this morning. — APM photo

KUCHING (Dec 22): A total of 119 victims from 30 families have been displaced by flash floods, due to unceasing heavy rain here and in Bau, as of 7am today.

The Civil Defence Force (APM) said 75 flood victims from 14 families are from Kampung Bedaun, Jalan Sultan Tengah.

All of them have been moved to the flood relief centre at the Kampung Bedaun multipurpose hall, which opened at 4.38am today.

In Bau, the flood victims were from Kampung Opar (a family of four) and Kampung Jugan (40 flood victims from 15 families).

Flood relief centres have opened at the halls of the two villages.

A villager makes his way through flood waters in Kampung Bedaun accompanied by a firefighter. — Bomba photo

APM said the unceasing heavy rain has also led the water level in Samarahan to increase.

Among the locations being monitored are Kampung Simunjan Jaya, Kampung Sungai Lingkau, Kampung Melanjok, Kampung Hijrah, Kampung Lunying, Kampung Kerong, Kampung Belimbing Besi, Kampung Emperan Buluh, Kampung Kelait, Kampung Bulan, Kampung Sungai Nyamuk, Kampung Bajong Hulu, Kampung Bajong Hilir, Kampung Arus Iban, Kampung Arus Melayu, Kampung Lot Sebandi Ulu, Kampung Sebandi Matang, Kampung Moyan Ledang, Kampung Rebak, and Kampung Lot Asajaya Masjid An Najah.