Kuching vocational college student spared from being blinded by kite string


Syahida’s injuries which almost caused her to lose her sight.

KUCHING (Jan 2): A female student almost lost her sight from being cut by a kite string while riding on a motorcycle with her mother in Samariang here on Dec 30 last year.

The tragic incident occurred when Nurul Syahida Bujang, a Kuching Vocational College student, and her mother were returning home to Taman Malihah after visiting her father’s grave.

“While riding home after visiting my father’s grave, I snagged a kite thread from an unknown direction. The kite thread was glassy.

“Luck was on my mother’s side because we didn’t fall off the motorcycle when we got caught in the thread. We had time to stop by the roadside before I felt something extremely painful in my face and fingers. During the incident, my mother was not injured,” she said when contacted yesterday (Jan 1).

Syahida, 18, suffered cuts on her nose, eyelids and all five fingers on her left hand.

“When I got caught in the kite string, my hands and face felt painful and I shivered in pain,” she said, adding that at the time she thought she would go blind due to the wounds on her eyelid.

She was admitted to the Sarawak General Hospital for further treatment on the same day, where she was admitted to the green zone ward and received minor surgery for her injuries.

“I was given a strong painkiller (anaesthetic) in addition to a tetanus shot. The wounds on my face and hands were stitched up and I was allowed to go home the next day,” she said, adding that she was also required to undergo further treatment for the purpose of a plastic surgery examination with a surgeon.

Syahida said she suspected the kite string was not because of people flying kites there but instead a deliberate action by irresponsible parties.

“I think I am not the first victim to have gotten caught by the thread and I think it was deliberately stretched on the road involved. I hope motorcyclists passing by the Samariang area after the fire station will be more careful,” she said.