Minos: MPKS scavenging contractors given three months to shape up, fulfil contract obligations


File photo showing Democratic Action Party (DAP) Socialist Youth (Dapsy) Kuching chief George Lam (left) speaking to a resident during the visit. Behind them is a pile of overflowing rubbish bins.

KOTA SAMARAHAN (Jan 3): The Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) is giving scavenging contractors here three months, starting today, to shape up their operations and contractual obligations.

MPKS chairman Dato Peter Minos said they are currently embarrassing the council, especially after Kota Samarahan residents raised concerns and complaints on the present waste collection issues in the council’s areas.

“MPKS does not want to hear excuses from contractors after this because for the council, public interest and public service come first. The existing scavenging contractors are given three months starting today (Jan 3) to clear up things internally and shape up.

“MPKS cannot allow recalcitrant contractors to inconvenience the public and embarrass MPKS. No more excuses – this is final,” he said in a statement.

Minos said if the contractors fail to do so, MPKS will be forced to review matters as they cannot allow rate-paying public to be treated shoddily.

“MPKS has actually repeatedly told and warned the scavenging contractors to strictly keep to their contractual obligations and the weekly waste collection schedules.

“We are actually facing problems and the scavenging contractors themselves are facing problems of their own from the Covid-19 pandemic, which had disrupted workers’ movement and scheduled collections,” he said.

Minos said that they had continued to experience difficulties in obtaining workers and drivers and are continuing to experience manpower shortages.

“Apart from that, the rainy season now is also affecting collection schedules and causing disruptions while there has also been a change in dumping grounds for them as they have to switch from the over-filled Kampung Plaie landfill in Samarahan to the distant Mambong landfill in Padawan,” he said.

Minos noted, however, that the council appreciates and understands the public’s concerns and complaints.

A recent case of the waste collection issues plaguing Kota Samarahan had been highlighted in news reports on Dec 29, 2022, where residents of Lorong 385 Muara Tuang here called foul for the lack of refuse collection at their area.