Panasonic, Byond28 to provide purified indoor air quality for mothers and newborn babies


(From left) Suganuma, Peh and Panasonic Malaysia country head of life solutions Atsushi Yoshida.

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 14): Panasonic Malaysia and Byond28 launched their partnership at the confinement care centre in Cheras earlier this week, utilising Panasonic’s latest technology, the ziaino air treatment, this alliance aligns with the efforts of Byond28 to provide and improve the indoor air quality for their residents-mother and newborns to enjoy a better quality of life.

The launch officiates ziaino into the Malaysian markets though it has been widely used in Japan for the past decade in different industries such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, large offices and so on where purification and deodorization are required.

“One of the most significant matters being drummed into expectant Asian mothers is the importance of confinement care.

“A traditional confinement care begins immediately after delivery and lasts for at least 30 days. Modern confinement practice involves staying in the hospital after delivery for 2 nights and an additional 28 nights in a confinement care immediately after being discharged,” said Sally Peh Chen Woon, centre manager of Byond 28 Confinement Care.

She added, “We want to provide a controlled environment for mothers to safely rejuvenate and for newborn babies to grow healthily during this confinement period. Incorporating Panasonic’s ziaino contributes to this controlled environment by mitigating indoor pollutants and strong odor.”

As part of the media launch ceremony, a demonstration of how the ziaino operates was carried out by a Panasonic staff. It is understood that the ziaino can inhibit pollutants on both air and surface areas, deodorising strong odors.

One of the key factors which make this product stand out is its utilization of naturally derived salt and water to generate hypochlorous acid, a highly safe sanitizing technology.

Panasonic Corporation managing director of QAFL Business Promotion Office, Ichiro Suganuma said, “As one of the leading air quality solution providers, we are ecstatic to kick start this partnership to push forward on emphasising the importance of indoor air quality with our air treatment.

“Our ziaino air treatment unit is also tested and their effectiveness has been certified by external parties giving this product a much stronger verification of its usage in its manned and large spaces in a facility.”

ziaino have achieved the constant production of low concentrations of hypochlorous acid, making it a near-neutral pH of 8.5, slightly alkaline.

“Through the space purification made with naturally derived salt and water, residents at Byond28 will be able to enjoy quality air during their stay at the centre during the mothers’ period of recovery and their newborn babies first 28 days in this world through the sophisticated technology of ziaino in their comfort of their own room and spaces,” Suganuma commented further.

Byond 28 has installed seven units of the ziaino in its confinement care centre. Upholding as the first standalone confinement centre in Cheras, the centre strives to establish a purified, controlled, and hygienic environment for mothers and newborn babies.

The centre also focuses on educating parents during the 28 days of confinement on the crucial aspects of parenthood regardless if they have already become parents.