Family of missing vessel crew demanding for explanation


Derrent Littor

KOTA KINABALU (Jan 16): The family of one of the crew members of the missing MV Dai Cat 06 are demanding for answers after being left in the dark on the whereabouts of the vessel and the status of its crewmen since it was reported missing on Jan 1.

Lily (seated second left) with her siblings demand for an answer to the whereabouts of their brother Derrent Littor, one of the crew members of the missing MV Dai Cat 06.

Family member of Derrent Littor, one of the crew members of MV Dai Cat 06, wants the company, agents and the owner of the goods to meet family members of the crewmen as they have the right for explanations and answers.

Lily Littor, the eldest sister of Derrent, who represents the Littor family, demands that the company and those involved be cooperating with the relevant authorities especially in regards to the condition of MV Dai Cat 06.

“We want the company, agents and the owner of the goods to come forward and explain to us why MV Dai Cat 06 was allowed to sail at sea on Dec 23 when it was claimed that the vessel was not fit and in good condition.

MV DAI CAT 06 that was reported missing on Jan 1 while enroute to Kuching, Sarawak.

“We were informed that according to the ship captain Mohd Syafarizan Mohd Noor, he had told his fiance that the vessel is not fit to sail claiming that there were problems with the wiring system, the water pump and many more.

“If the vessel is not in a good condition, why did the company or the agents allow MV Dai Cat 06 to make its journey on Dec 23, 2022 and where is the vessel now and what happened to our brother Derrent?”

she asked, when met at the family’s home at Kampung Melawa at KKIP here on Monday.


The Malaysian-registered cargo vessel was reported missing in Indonesian waters after it vanished from authorities’ radar on Jan 1 while enroute to Kuching, Sarawak.

The 52m long vessel departed from Kampung Acheh, Perak on Dec 23 carrying a load of 527 metal pipes worth RM726,205. It was supposed to arrive in Kuching, Sarawak on Dec 31 but it never reached its destination.

MV Dai Cat 06 was manned by five crew members, Derrent, 22, chief officer Mohammad Syafarizan Mohd Noor, 24, Mohammad Sudeh Sudin, 20, and two Indonesians namely ship master known as Adi, 43, and chief engineer Damai Papane Ole, 57.

The vessel vanished from the radar on Jan 1 but a police report was only lodged on Jan 9.

It was said that the last location of the ship, which was detected through the Automatic Identification System (AIS) was on Jan 1 in Indonesian waters, about 0.2 nautical mile from Johor’s waters.

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency announced the disappearance of MV Dai Cat 06 on Jan 10, followed by a week-long search and rescue (SAR) operation.

The SAR also involved National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) of the Republic of Indonesia.
Lily however claimed that the SAR has been called off by both agencies as there was no sign or any indication of the ship after a week into the SAR, but will continue to monitor the situation during their normal patrol routine operation.

She said the last time the family was in contact with Derrent was on Jan 1.

“My younger sister managed to get in touch with Derrent through text messages around noon and he said they were in Singapore. By mid evening, his phone was unreachable.

“We tried calling him and left text messages but the messages never went through,” she said.

Lily also said that her brother always kept in touch with her younger sister and on several occasions claimed that he and some of the crewmen were not comfortable onboard the vessel.

“Derrent doesn’t sound afraid but said he never took off his life jacket and even slept with it.

“He even said that once they reach Kuching, Sarawak he and another crew member will not return to MV Dai Cat 06 anymore,” said Lily.

Lily and the family are hoping the company, the agents and those responsible will not turn their back on the families of the five crew members.

“We demand answers from the company, the agents and the owner of the goods. Why till today have you not come forward or lodged a police report of the missing vessel when it has been published in the media 15 days ago?” she asked.

Lily also said that as of Jan 16 only six police reports have been lodged of the missing MV Dai Cat 06, with one of them made by an agent in Lumut and five lodged by family members of the missing crew members.

“We hope the company, agents and the owner of the goods will come forward and give us an explanation and answer because till today we are still asking what happened, where is the vessel and what happened to our brother,” she said.