Senator highlights call to make Sungai Arip a sub-district under Selangau


Dr Nuing (fourth left) presents the MRP cheque to SK Sungai Bawang headmaster Salih Lidam at the event in Selangau. — Photo by Sarawak Public Communications Unit

SELANGAU (Jan 24): A call has been made for the state government to consider setting up a new sub-district in Selangau.

In voicing this out, Senator Dato Dr Nuing Jeluing pointed out that it was the wish of many local communities for the Sungai Arip area here to be made a sub-district.

“It is the hope of the people in Kemena, Sungai Anak, Sungai Arip, Sungai Tau and Sungai Bawang for the state government to establish Sungai Arip as a sub-district,” he said this when officiating at the handing-over of Minor Rural Project (MRP) grants Sungai Bawang multi-purpose hall here on Monday.

The MRP allocations totalling RM260,000 were distributed to 46 recipients from Sungai Arip, Sungai Tau, Sungai Bawang and Sungai Pelugau, under the jurisdiction of 41 village security and development committees (JKKKs) and five parent-teacher associations in Selangau.

On the event, Nuing said similar handing-over ceremonies would take place in Tatau and Lubok Bukut in Mukah in February.

“Today is also a history for the residents in this area because this multi-purpose hall has just been completed and is being used for the first time. This hall is a project under Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra), costing RM700,000,” said the senator.

Meanwhile in his speech earlier, Selangau District officer Inting Nyami said the government had set up an area at Sungai Arip meant either for a ‘Rest & Relax’ (R&R) facility or a new township, with the land clearing works now in progress.

On this, he said: “The District Office has a committee tasked with coordinating all development projects under its purview. These projects cover water and electricity supply, roads and telecommunication lines.

“If you have a suggestion or a request, you can send it to the District Office. All these suggestions would be taken to the technical committee, which is chaired by the (division’s) Resident.

“The committee consists of those from various agencies such as the Public Works Department, Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Land and Survey Department, and Sibu Rural District Council.

“And we also coordinate with all those from the private sector, who are developing our areas.”

On another subject, Inting called upon every longhouse chieftain to hold a committee meeting three months before the expiry of their terms, adding that the meeting would determine whether their service will continue or not.

“Whether they would resume their service or a new chieftain is elected, it must be notified in the minutes of the meeting, which must be submitted to the District Office for further action under the purview of the KMKK (Ketua Masyarakat and Ketua Kaum) Selection Panel Committee chaired by the Resident.”

Moreover, Inting highly recommended that all longhouse chieftains should have their own vehicles and also, valid driving licence to facilitate their movements.

“They also must be IT-literate in using social media such as WhatsApp because many government’s directives and policies are shared on social media,” he added.