Friday, March 24

Kuching coffeeshop robbery video goes viral on social media, police to issue statement


A screengrab of the robber swinging a chair at the worker of the coffeeshop during the robbery.

KUCHING (Jan 25): A video of a robbery involving two men at a coffeeshop here has gone viral on social media.

In the video, two masked men were seen entering the coffeeshop with one of them armed with a weapon.

Inside the premises were a worker and two customers who were seated at separate tables.

The suspect was also seen to have acted aggressively; shoving and swing a chair at the worker who, fearing for his safety, surrendered his belongings.

Despite seeing the worker raising his arms as a sign of ‘surrender’ the suspect continued to swing a plastic chair at the worker.

After relieving the worker of his belongings, the suspect proceeded to rob one of the customers.

Also seen in the CCTV footage was a getaway car which the suspects alighted from prior to the robbery.

Meanwhile, the police will be issuing an official statement later today.