MCC seeking funds from National Landscape Dept to improve Miri Public Park


One of the attractions at the Miri Public Park. – Photo from

MIRI (Feb 9): Miri City Council (MCC) is seeking allocation from the National Landscape Department (NLD) for overall improvement of the dilapidated Miri Public Park following a complaint by a public today.

MCC in a statement said it had been applying for funds to maintain and improve the park from the NLD, with the latest effort made in mid of January this year when the council’s delegation went to Kuala Lumpur.

“In light of the size (24.6 acres of developed park area) and numerous unique facilities in this popular public park which was developed since 1997, the Council has constantly experienced constraints to obtain enough funds for maintenance and upkeep.

“Meanwhile, the council, apart from taking note of the public feedback, will continue with its annual maintenance works to the landscaping thereat comprising softscape and hardscape as well as the water feature and children water-play areas,” said MCC.

MCC added that under the annual budget mid-term review, the council will utilise its Council Reserve Fund to maintain the park pending the outcome of its funds application to the NLD.

“For the sake of public safety, it has been decided that the children playground section next to the food and drink stalls area shall be temporarily closed so as to enable proper repair and maintenance works to be carried out,” it said.