Tuesday, September 26

Henry calls for more funds from fed govt to upgrade hospital, schools in Bau


Henry speaks to reporters. – Photo by Chimon Upon

KUCHING (Feb 18): Tasik Biru assemblyman Dato Henry Harry Jinep is calling on the federal government to channel more funds to upgrade the hospital and school infrastructure in Bau.

He said the funding is necessary to resolve the hazards and safety concerns especially in school buildings due to flooding.

“We need more funding to upgrade the hospital in Bau. It has been 30 years now and we need to upgrade the hospital because it is too crowded and the building is dilapidated.

“Secondly, schools, particularly damaged buildings due to flooding.

“These are the two main issues in Bau. That is what we hope to be included in the national budget,” he said when asked about his hope on the National Budget 2023 which will be tabled next week.

Henry was met after attending the Greater Kuching Coordinated Development Agency mini lab here yesterday.

He also pointed out the slow progress in development in Bau was due to the lack of funding from the federal government.

He said with the formation of the unity government now, he hoped Bau will not be sidelined in the upcoming national budget.

“I do not see how the previous budget benefited our area before. Because our MP was under the opposition before.  This is reality.

“We are fortunate to be able to develop Bau because of our state government. So we hope this time Bau will not be excluded,” he added.