Six S’wakian chefs win 12 awards at Malaysia Bersatu Culinary Association culinary competition


(From left) Gold award winners Chen (left) and Ramos, together with Silver award winner Sitandang posing for a photo with the Sarawak flag after the competition.

KUCHING (March 8): Six Sarawakian chefs have collectively won a total of 12 awards at the Malaysia Bersatu Culinary Association (MBCA)’s culinary competition held at the Kuala Lumpur World Trade Centre (KWTC) last month.

Chen Weiwei for the Modern Seafood category, Arnold Darrell Denny from Miri (Malaysian Chicken Rice), and Ramos Jalang Nyawai from Bintulu (Iban Salad) won the Gold award.

Besides getting the Gold, Ramos also won two Silver awards for his Iban style steamed empurau and Iban Fried Rice, and one Bronze for his pansuh chicken.

Other winners are Zakinah Din from Miri who won two Silver awards and one Bronze, Sitandang Dium two Silver awards, and James Lee one Silver.

The competition was organised by the Malaysia Bersatu Culinary Association (MBCA) to bring the country’s cuisine to the world.

The event, which broke Guinness World Records as the world’s largest cooking competition with participation of more than 730 participants from all over the world, saw seven participants from Sarawak.

World renowned chefs and Michelin chefs judged 64 events in the competition, with a total of 75 judges from Sweden, Italy, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Morocco, South Korea, Mexico and neighbouring countries.

The event attracted more than 15,000 Malaysian and international tourists to KWTC.