Bandar Kuching MP: Flood mitigation project cannot be delayed anymore


Yii (left) and a DAP member check on the water outlet at one of the flash flood areas.

KUCHING (March 18): The Sungai Sarawak Integrated River Basin Development (PLSB) flood mitigation project cannot be delayed anymore, said Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii.

He said in a statement today that the project would be a long term solution to the flood problems in Kuching city and the surrounding areas.

According to recent news reports, the RM150 million flood mitigation project was supposed to start in 2021 and was to have taken four years but approval for the nine project locations from the State Planning Authority (SPA) was only received last December.

“(This is) Something I have always been pushing in Parliament,” said the Democratic Action Party (DAP) lawmaker in a statement issued following flash floods in Kuching city earlier today.

According to Yii, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) should issue an earlier alert to warn the public of the unusual downpour.

He said a check on MetMalaysia website showed the warning was only issued at 6.30am.

“It should have been earlier so people can prepare for any eventuality,” he added.

As a short term solution to the flash floods, Yii said there has to be constant and periodic cleaning of drainage systems especially during the monsoon season to ensure there is proper outflow of water.

“This has to be continuous especially in flood prone areas as everytime water rises, many of these drains get stuck with debris and rubbish,” he said.

He also said the DAP team in Bandar Kuching will continue to be on the ground to monitor and help those affected by the flash floods.

“We also recorded all the affected areas and will make an official report to the local council and Sarawak Local Government Ministry.

“We will try to help as many families, especially the poor that are affected in our constituency,” said Yii.