Police: Headless, armless body found in Sg Salak dead for over 72 hours


Policemen prepare to transport the body to Sarawak General Hospital on Tuesday.

KUCHING (March 22): The man whose body was found Tuesday floating near the bank of Sungai Salak here is believed to have been dead for more than 72 hours.

Acting Kuching police chief Supt Merbin Lisa said this was based on initial investigation by police at the scene.

“The body was in an incomplete and decaying state. We believe he has been dead for more than 72 hours,” he said in a statement.

The body was recovered by firefighters after members of the public spotted it along the river.

The Fire and Rescue Department in a statement Tuesday said the body – minus its head and arms – was without any identification documents.

Merbin said the body was sent to Sarawak General Hospital for post-mortem to determine the cause of death.

He called on anyone missing a family member for the past 72 hours to go to the nearest police station to assist in the investigation.

“The case is classified as sudden death pending the result of the post-mortem. I advise the public against speculating on the case as the investigation is ongoing,” he added.