Friday, September 29

Japanese man goes viral after reaching Mt Kinabalu summit in stylish suit


Sada poses on the peak of Mount Kinabalu in his custom-made suit. — Photo from Facebook/Nobutaka Sada

KOTA KINABALU (March 24): A Japanese tailor has gone viral online after reaching the summit of Mt Kinabalu, 4,095 metres above sea level, yesterday in a stylish blue suit and leather shoes.

Nobutaka Sada, 49, said in a Facebook post that he successfully climbed Mt Kinabalu, the highest peak in Borneo, in a custom-made Sada suit.

“A mountain higher than Mt Fuji with an altitude of 4,095m! In addition, we stayed in a hut on the middle of the mountain, climbed up a steep climb in the starlight, and were able to see the sunrise at the top of the mountain,” he shared.

He said despite the altitude difference of 2,300 metres in tropical humidity and rain, his suit managed to hold up so well he could have attended a business meeting.

Sada takes in the view in his business meeting ready suit. — Photo from Facebook/Nobutaka Sada

“Sada’s custom-made suits are safe to climb Mt Kinabalu,” he said.

He added that he will upload the video of his latest adventure on his YouTube channel @ordersuitSADA, where he has chronicled various outdoor activities from skiing to fishing and diving in a Sada suit.

Sada added that at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport Immigration counter on his way home, he was asked about his Mt Kinabalu climb in a suit.

“I looked it up and found that a local porter uploaded a video of me on TikTok and got a little buzz,” he said.