Save Planet Earth, turn to renewable energy


During Earth Hour, we have time to reflect seriously on the state of Planet Earth today.

THE world today has been changed well beyond recognition by Covid-19, the much-feared global economic recession, and unprecedented extreme climate change that has traumatised people across the Planet Earth.

The symbolic Earth Hour is not a magic wand, nor is it able to change the world overnight.

It is simply to raise awareness of the cause of the climate change today.

We continue to see not only the disruption of our lives by the invisible virus, Covid-19, which has caused the loss of millions of lives worldwide and overwhelmed the entire global healthcare system, but also the unprecedented havoc caused by climate change.

There have been torrential rains, massive uncontrollable floods, mudslides, landslides, draughts, hurricanes, typhoons, wildfires, extreme cold and scorching heat.

The world is getting warmer, the Arctic ice is melting – woes are unfolding every day.

Human sufferings are beyond endurance level. The poor and the less-privileged are the most affected.

The world is in turmoil – we see earthquakes killing thousands of people, and leaving millions homeless.

In this one hour, the Earth Hour, we have time to reflect seriously on the state of Planet Earth today.

Do we learn an important lesson today? I think we do.

We are part of Nature, a vulnerable species not so different from any other species, many of which man has driven to extinction.

With climate change, caused by man’s quite unsatisfiable exploitation of the oceans, land and air especially after the Industrial Revolution, ostensibly we are sowing the seeds of our own extinction!

Let’s stop this – take the first step today!

It is imperative that our pledge must be to live in harmony with Nature and not to destroy the shared Planet Earth.

All nations must make a firm commitment; to have less self-interest, to live in harmony with Nature by protecting and conserving the environment, and to stop polluting the Earth by turning to renewable energy such as solar and wind as they do not emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute enormously to global warming.

Fossil fuels must be phased out, and electric vehicles and buses be given government’s incentives, as they will stop the pollution.

Save energy, and save Planet Earth.