SCCS targets 350 heads shaved, RM1 mln raised for GoBald 2023


Mohammad Alfaizul (right) and Gillis Jekiam, fathers of cancer-stricken children, kick off the launch by having their heads shaved first.

KUCHING (March 27): Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) is targeting to have 350 heads shaved and RM1 million raised for this year’s GoBald campaign.

The proceeds should help in covering the society’s expenses of about RM2 million every year, as well as continuing to support children battling childhood cancer and their families in Sarawak, said SCCS vice-president Dayang Juliana Abang Dalhan.

“This year, our theme is ‘Dare to Dream’.

“We want to encourage children with cancer and the survivors to have the courage to dream big, look ahead with optimism and set goals for their future.

“We want to motivate them to have hope and to not give up fighting,” she said at the campaign’s launch here yesterday.

Dayang Juliana said she understood the challenges and hardships that came with cancer-fighting; how to care for a sick child, how to manage one’s own emotions, and how to stay strong in the midst of it all.

“Having a solid support system is extremely important – from your family members, friends, the medical team and other families who have been there, or are going through the same journey.

“This is why SCCS exists. We were once in your shoes, and we know exactly how you feel.

“Our committee comprises parents of children with cancer, bereaved parents and parents of survivors. We are here so that you don’t have to walk this journey alone,” she said.

Relating on the campaign, Dayang Juliana children with cancer, upon going through chemotherapy and various other treatments, would lose their hair and often, this could bring their spirits down.

“Thus, by making the active choice of going bald, we are showing them that losing hair is ‘bold, beautiful, cool and it is OK’.

“We hold the power to support them emotionally and to show them that they are not alone in this journey. Ladies and gentlemen, you have that power too.”

For Kuching, the GoBald 2023 event will take place on June 18 at Vivacity Megamall Kuching and June 11 at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall in Miri.

Registration is now open, and will close on June 18.

To participate, one should raise a minimum amount of RM300 that would qualify for a shaving slot either in Kuching or Miri.

More details can be obtained on