Sexual assault accused gets 84 years, 17 strokes


KOTA KINABALU (Mar 29): A father of three was jailed a total of 84 years and ordered to be given 17 strokes of the cane by the Sessions Courts here for five counts of committing sexual physical assaults on his teenage stepdaughter.

The 39-year-old accused, who had pleaded guilty to all his charges, was also ordered to attend counseling for 10 years and to be referred to the Immigration Department after completing his jail sentences for further action.

His cases were heard before three judges, Azreena Aziz, Amir Shah Amir Hassan and Ummu Kalthom Abd Samad.

For the five charges, the accused was jailed for 14, 13, 15, 15 and 13 years’ respectively and given seven strokes of the cane.

The three judges also imposed additional jail sentences of three, two, nine years’ jail respectively plus two whippings for each jail sentence. The total whippings for additional sentences were 10.

The first 17 and 15 years’ imprisonment were ordered to be served consecutively while the remaining jail sentences are to run from the date of his arrest.

The court heard that the accused had committed the sexual physical assaults on the 16-year-old victim on five occasions at a house in Menggatal between March 13 and 14

The incidents happened when the victim’s mother was not at home. When the woman reached home, she was surprised to see her daughter in fear and her eyes were swelling as she had been crying due to what had happened to her.

The victim’s mother had married the accused and they have three kids while she has two kids from her previous marriage.