Pickup truck bursts into flames after collision in Miri


The burnt pickup truck at the scene.

MIRI (April 8): A pickup truck burst into flames in the wee hours this morning after colliding with another vehicle at Jalan Senadin Gooday here.

The Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) received a distress call at 1.55am before mobilising a team of personnel from the Lutong station to the location.

Upon arriving at the location located about 9 kilometers away, the pickup truck was still in flames but the driver was not at the scene.

According to information from witnesses, the pickup truck burst into flames after colliding with another vehicle, which was also a pickup truck.

After conducting a size-up, firefighters extinguished the fire which was believed to have started from the fuel tank.

Operation ended after ensuring that the scene has been cleared and safe.