Monday, October 2

Bomb destroyed in Kota Belud


The bomb found in the waters in Pulau Mantanani in Kota Belud.

KOTA KINABALU (April 26): The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has destroyed an unexploded bomb that was believed to have been used during the Second World War (WWII) in Pulau Mantanani, Kota Belud.

A spokesperson from the Sabah RMN said the operation to destroy the bomb was carried out by the RMN bomb disposal team consisting of the diving team together with ammunition technicians from the Eastern Ammunition and Explosive Depot which was led by commander Mohammad Nasrul Mat Daut.

The RMN spokesperson said the operation was carried out to assist the Royal Malaysian Police to destroy WWII bombs in the waters.

“RMN received a request from the Kota Belud district police to inspect an object that was believed to be an old WWII bomb along the coast of Pulau Mantanani, about 43 nautical miles northeast of the Sepanggar Naval Base in Kota Kinabalu.

“The findings revealed the object to be an inactive Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) bomb, a semi armor piercing bomb, 500lbs, AN-M58 made in the United States that was used during the Second World War by the Royal Malaysia Navy bomb disposal team,” said the spokesperson in a statement on Wednesday.

The RMN bomb disposal team carried the bomb to shore before destroying it.