20 entrepreneurs, cooperatives in Sabah receive funding


Ewon with the recipients of Kuskop fund.

TAMPARULI (May 6): Twenty entrepreneurs and cooperatives in Sabah received funding worth RM7.92 million from agencies under the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development (Kuskop).

The funding is from the Malaysian Cooperative Commission (SKM), SME Corp Malaysia, TEKUN Nasional, Bank Rakyat and Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM).

All the funding was presented by the Minister of Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development Datuk Ewon Benedick at the Madani Entrepreneur and Cooperative Carnival Program, at the Tun Hamdan Tamparuli Hall, here, on Saturday.

In addition, two cooperative registration certificates from SKM and a program offer letter from SME Bank Berhad were presented to three grant recipients for the Vendor Capacity Development Program (PPKV) amounting to RM143,000 and one grant recipient for the Business Export Program (BEP) amounting to RM200,000 making a total of RM343,000.

Ewon also presented the 2022 dividend distribution to KOOP Sahabat Negeri Sabah amounting to RM462,000 from AIM Sabah.

He said the organisation of the Madani Entrepreneurs and Cooperatives Program in conjunction with the Kaamatan Festival aims to convey information about entrepreneurial and cooperative services through briefing sessions and exhibitions of agencies under Kuskop to entrepreneurs, cooperatives and the local community.

The program, which was held for two days also opened up space and opportunities for local entrepreneurs and cooperatives to open stalls to sell various types of food, drinks and micro, small and medium enterprises (PMKS) products.

There was also a presentation of the House of Ethnic Traditions which highlights elements of culture and heritage in instilling the spirit of community unity of various races in conjunction with the Kaamatan Festival.